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egg of the moon

Akapit-Press 2011
the "Book of the Year", Grand Prix of the Polish IBBY Section competition 



This extremely beautiful and moving story about a twelve years old girl’s quest oscillates between a heart-warming, magical fairy-tale and a fearsome horror.
The heroine herself is confused whether her adventures are reality, a dream, she can wake up from, or hallucinations – absurd and grotesque. The girl, encountering on her way bizarre, outlandish creatures, learns to overcome fear, tell friends from enemies, recognize trails leading back to her abandoned mother and home and, above all, find an answer to the most challenging question: who am I? Wise, profound, deeply symbolical and tinged with poetic moodiness tale of Zofia Beszczyńska, intriguing and provoking reflection, is aimed at sensitive readers willing to accompany an adolescent girl in a sui generis rite of passage between the world of childhood worries and that of mature self-knowledge.

prof. Grzegorz Leszczyński

translated by Teresa Tyszowiecka




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