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Welcome to my website

My first website was French one; it came out in 2004, created and managed by my friend living in Paris, Krzysztof Jabłoński.
In the beginning it meant to be a sort of my visitcard for friends and acquaintances, but gradually has flowed into the world.
I had move it to Warsaw and with the help of Polish professionals take care of it myself. I feel sorry about it, because I did like and have a sentiment to the first one.
Fortunately Krzysztof agreed on developing his version of my website and introducing all the changes.
So now I have two sites in one: the original, created by Krzysztof, and mine, developing all the time. The most important things he has invented – the idea, conception, composition, graphics – remain without changes.
I would like it to become a meeting place for friends: those who are already and those who will be.

My poetry blog: zofiabeszczynska.wordpress.com.

Zofia Beszczyńska

Photo by Andrzej Bernat

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